Tune into the latest episode of Sound Source to hear how five high school friends created a band that has more than 17,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. Corn on My Dinner Plate discusses love, heartbreak, their songwriting process and the meaning behind their band name. Link to episode.

Band Noah Toritto has never rehearsed in the same room or played live. Find out how they wrote “I Know Fish Can’t Really Hurt Me” completely virtually on the newest episode of Sound Source. Link to episode.

Soultwin’s new song, “SKYRIM,” was inspired by a video game of the same name. Listen to the latest episode of Sound Source to hear the story behind Soultwin’s new unreleased song and understand more about why the band’s music is “meant to be felt live.” Link to episode.

“Jawbreaker was just a nice word to encapsulate… this whole exploration of feminine identity that I don’t normally see represented in media… I might be cute and sweet, but also I’ll break your jaw, so know who you’re dealing with.” Alexis Ploan and her band SŌK are breaking jaws and smashing gender norms… all in one song. Sound Source went behind-the-song to hear how SOK’s latest single “Jawbreaker” was created. Explore the process and meaning behind the lyrics for the song in this episode of Sound Source. Link to episode.

Audax the Damsel, a bilingual rapper from the greater Chicago area and Weinberg sophomore, spoke with The Daily about the inspiration behind some of her greatest songs, the meaning behind her name and her history as a rapper. Link to episode.

While he previously played with his former band, Arch Supports, Nat Scholl is starting out as a solo musician. With an album in the works, Scholl talks about his transition between bands and his experience making music at Northwestern. Link to episode.

Garage rock band The Altars discuss their inspiration, rehearsal dynamics, and music on Sound Source. Link to episode.

FreePlanet twin rappers say their music is like a dum dum lollipop. They talk about their music, song lyrics and performances. Link to episode.

Hear the members of jazz fusion band Morning Dew talk about their biggest challenge and songwriting process. Link to episode.

SESP professor’s LGBTQ band They Won’t Win talks about their alternative folk music on the first episode of Sound Source. Link to episode

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